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Interactive Performance

Engage. Interact. Connect.

Have you ever attended a performance of classical music and felt like a spectator outside the action? Interactive performance workshops guide audiences to make personal, relevant connections to music while unleashing each person’s innate creativity. Join the fun!

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Below are samples of interactive performance workshops available for booking. Visit again soon – more are in the works for this season!


Clever and cunning, grotesque and gruesome . . . gargoyles! From Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to the Chrysler Building in New York City, each of these fantastic creatures has a different character. Imagine what they would sound like if they came to life! In this 60 minute workshop and live performance, join the Marvento Duo (flutist Weronika Balewski and pianist Elizabeth Chladil) to discover through images, gestures, and sounds how composer Lowell Liebermann uses contrasts in dynamics and articulation in his piece Gargoyles Op. 29 to breathe life into these stone sentinels!

Deconstructing Climaxes

What goes up must come down! Have you ever wondered how composers create energy in a piece? Join teaching artists Weronika Balewski (flute) and Elizabeth Chladil (piano) for “Deconstructing Climaxes,” a 45 minute workshop and live performance of the first movement of Sergei Prokofiev’s Op. 94 Sonata for Flute and Piano. Through games based on Prokofiev’s rhythmic motives, participants will work together as an ensemble while discovering how Prokofiev builds climaxes.

Musical Voice of the Stars

Do the stars inspire you? Join soprano Samantha Dearborn, cellist Morgan Walsh, and pianist Elizabeth Chladil for a musical adventure! This ensemble will lead the audience in an exploration of the song “Die Sterne” (“The Stars”) by nineteenth-century French woman composer and singer Pauline Viardot. Suitable for a variety of ages, the 45-minute interactive presentation examines the interaction of the singer’s voice and the two instruments as well as the song’s melodic contours. Audience participation through physical interpretation of sound and the creation of visual and verbal representations of the song’s musical ideas will help the audience gain a deeper appreciation of “Die Sterne.”

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